Case No. EA-2023-0017 Click to see public comments for this case
Company Name(s) Grain Belt Express, LLC-Investor(Electric)
Style of Case Style of Case
Tracking No.  
Status Open
Assigned Judge Dippell Nancy
Assigned Attorney Thompson Kevin, Keevil Jeff, Mers Nicole
Consolidated To  
Consolidated From
Appealed To

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Item No. Date Filed Title of Filing Filed on Behalf Of In Response to Item No.
5810/20/2022Order Establishing Protective OrderCommission-(All)
5710/18/2022Response of the Missouri Joint Municipal Electric Utility Commission d/b/a Missouri Electric Commission to All Filings in Opposition to Grain Belt's Request for Waiver of 60-Day NoticeMissouri Electric Commission-Municipal(Electric)
Missouri Joint Municipal Electric Utility Commission-Municipal(Electric)
5610/17/2022Renew Missouri's Reply in Support of Waiver of 60-Day Notice RequirementRenew Missouri Advocates-(All)
Renew Missouri-(All)
5510/15/2022Motion to Amend Prior Filing by ErrataMissouri Landowners Alliance-(All)
5410/14/2022Grain Belt Express LLC's Reply in Support of its Request for Waiver of the 60-Day Notice Requirement (Public and Confidential)Grain Belt Express, LLC-Investor(Electric)
5310/11/2022Opposition to Grain Belt Request for Waiver of 60-Day NoticeMissouri Cattlemen's Association-(All)
Missouri Corn Growers Association, Inc.-(All)
Missouri Farm Bureau Federation-(All)
Missouri Farm Bureau-(All)
Missouri Pork Association-(All)
Missouri Pork Producers' Association-(All)
Missouri Soybean Association-(All)
5210/11/2022Staff's Response to Grain Belt's Request for Waiver of 60-day NoticeMO PSC Staff-(All)
5110/11/2022Response to Petitions to Intervene of the Missouri Farm Bureau Federation, Missouri Cattleman's Association, Missouri Pork Association, Missouri Corn Growers Association, and Missouri Soybean AssociationGrain Belt Express, LLC-Investor(Electric)
5010/11/2022Opposition to "Request for Waiver of 60-day Notice"Missouri Landowners Alliance-(All)
4910/3/2022Returned Mail (Order Directing Notice, Setting Intervention Deadline, Setting Time for Responses, and Directing Filing)Missouri Landowners Alliance-(All)

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