9/21/2023 10:15 AM - AGND-2024-0008

PSC Agenda Room
Governor Office Building
200 Madison Street
Jefferson City, MO 65101
Minutes Approved By
9/27/2023 10:15 AM ( AGND-2024-0009 )
WD - Withdrawn
- Good Cause
Y - Yea
N - Nay
A - Absent
X - Non-Participating
Scott Rupp (SR) Maida Coleman (MC) Jason Holsman (JH) Glen Kolkmeyer (GK) Kayla Hahn (KH) Staff
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Approval of Minutes of Last Agenda Meeting
Agenda Date/Time SR MC JH GK KH Action
9/14/2023 10:15 AM Y Y Y Y Y Approved as submitted.
New Orders
Case Discussion
Other Discussion
Tariff Tracking
No items listed.
Additional Item(s)
No items listed.
Scott Rupp's signature'
The Sunshine Law requires advance notice of items that may be closed. See sec. 610.022.2.
  • Litigation (may be closed under sec. 610.021(1) RSMo)
  • Other - contracts (may be closed under sec. 610.021(12) RSMo)
  • Personnel (may be closed under sec. 610.021(3) and/or (13) RSMo)
  • Other - closed records (may be closed under sec. 610.021(14) RSMo)
  • Other - security systems (may be closed under sec. 610.021(19) RSMo)