Docket Sheet
GR-2022-0179 - Item 87
Item No.
Date Filed
8/31/2022 3:31 PM
Type of Filing
Testimony Issue
Rate of Return
Testimony Sub-Issue
Testimony Sub-Issue 2
Capital Structure
Title of Filing
Direct Testimony of David Murray (Public & Confidential)
This filing is to meet a scheduled deadline for today
Response to Previous Filings
Name Size Security
direct testimony of david murray public.pdf 1,830.04 KB Public
direct testimony of david murray confidential.pdf 1,528.36 KB Confidential
dm-d-1.pdf 821.35 KB Public
dm-d-2.pdf 781.31 KB Public
dm-d-3 public version.pdf 61.62 KB Public
dm-d-3 confidential.pdf 3,682.52 KB Confidential
dm-d-4.pdf 849.1 KB Public
dm-d-5.pdf 933.54 KB Public
dm-d-6.pdf 928.98 KB Public
dm-d-7.pdf 928.29 KB Public
dm-d-8.pdf 839.19 KB Public
dm-d-9.pdf 888.36 KB Public
dm-d-10.pdf 946.87 KB Public
dm-d-11.pdf 920.84 KB Public
dm-d-12.pdf 793.66 KB Public
dm-d-13.pdf 760.74 KB Public
Total: 16 file(s), 17,494.76 KB